Weekly Privates

110.00 75.00 per week

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Weekly Privates

110.00 75.00 per week

  • What: Weekly Privates with Lana Morgana for a highly reduced price
  • Content: In general: Anything Low Flow and/or Floorwork. More specifically:
    • Different Pole Dance Styles: Acro Low Flow, Erotique (prev. called “Exotic”), Old School, Pointe- & Edgework, Contemporary, Club-Style / Commercial Pole in Sneakers, (Sensual) Basework, etc.
    • Different Floorwork Styles: Acro Tricks, Sensual Style in and off heels (stripper heels or commercial dance heels), Contemporary, Club-Style / Commercial in Sneakers, etc.
    • Technique: Step by step technical break down of tricks and combos
    • Choreo: Musicality & Artistry
    • Play & Freestyle: Guidance and prompts to explore improvisation
  • Level: Open Level
  • When: individually scheduled, but at the same time each week unless otherwise specified
  • Where:
    1. Option: Vienna – Close to U1 subway station “Kaisermühlen” (exact adress after agreement)
    2. Option: Anywhere – Online via Zoom: incl. recordings of classes to download and keep forever!

  • Features:
  • Professional Education to become a highly skilled Low Flow Pole Dancer and/or Floorwork Dancer
  • Individualized: Education plan tailored to your needs and wants
  • Step by Step: Logical break-down of everything you learn
  • Get challenged technically, artistically and musicality wise
  • Fully individualized feedback
  • Maximally efficient progress
  • In-person location: big mirror, lots of space (around the pole)
  • Attention: 6 months long commitment

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6 months commitment: By purchasing you agree to pay for the subscription for 6 months of offered courses starting with the following month (with respect to the month during which you subscribed). There can be a one month break from the side of Lana Morgana, but students are not allowed to choose months of suspension. No transferring to another person, no refunds. You can unsubscribe after the 6 months commitment by writing an email to “”.  As long as the commitment period is adhered to, you can unsubscribe any time for the month after next at the earliest. (This means say you want to unsubscribe on May 25th, then you still need to pay for June, but can unsubscribe from July onwards.)