General Terms and Conditions

1.    Registration

The registration is binding through completion of the online booking. In particular the registration is independent of the chosen method of payment and therefore also independent of whether a payment has already been completed. With the registration the customer agrees to pay the specified costs through the payment method chosen during the booking. This payment has to be finalized latest until the start of the course. “The start of the course” for package bookings or bookings of courses that have several dates is defined as the first noted date of the respective booking. This means this point of time is independent of whether a registered person is actually present for the (first) appointment.

For bank transfers there needs to be proof of a successful transaction latest at the start of the course. If possible the money has already arrived at the recipients bank account, but it is also allowed to send a proof of the successful bank transfer via email to – again the latest at the start of the course. 

To attend a course the registered person has to be at least 16 years old.

With the registration the customer confirms to have acknowledged and accepted the General Terms and Conditions (T&C).

2.    Online Courses / Video Recordings

Since there needs to be a Zoom link sent out for online classes, the proof of payment needs to be concluded at least an hour before the start of the course. With bank transfers the money either has already successfully reached the recipient or a proof of successful transfer needs to be sent via email to 

Contrary to in person classes at a studio, there is no refund of any kind for online classes. There is also no refund for purchases of video recordings.

Under no circumstances is it allowed to share purchased video material of Lana Morgana! The aquired video material may only be viewed by the person who purchased it officially on this website ( or

3.    Cancelation & Refunds

Cancelations are only possible up to exactly one week before the start of the course. This included the case of illness or any other circumstances. Again, “the start of the course” for package bookings or bookings of courses that have several dates is defined as the first noted date of the respective booking.

Provided that the cancelation occurs in sufficient time and in writing through an email to, 50% of the respective costs will be refunded. A full refund is not possible under any circumstances.

Exceptions: Special regulations for any kind of subscriptions (like “LANAcademy” or weekly privates subscriptions, etc.), bookings of “Unlimited” month packages, all online courses, as well as the payments for video recordings or merchandise: No refunds for these kind of purchases under any circumstance. The 12 month long commitment for LANAcademy applies. Other specified commtiment periods of subscriptions apply.

4.    Passing On of a Course

The person registered to a course is allowed to transfer their spot to somebody else, if the registered person informs Lana Morgana in writing per email to The duty of payment however still always applies to the person initially registered. 

Special regulations: For subscriptions (LANAcademy, weekly privates, etc.) or package deals like “Unlimited” a passing on of a course to another person is not allowed.

5.    LANAcademy & other subscriptions

For the LANAcademy subscription the 12 months long commitment applies: By purchasing the subscription the person subscribed is obligated to pay the subscription costs for 12 months in a row, as long as the courses do in fact take place. There can be a holiday month, meaning that there will be a one month break of courses and therefore also the subscription. There are no refunds of any kind, no passing on of a course, no switching of one thing for another, no exceptions. Subscribers can unregister from their subscription for after the 12 months of payment by writing an email to requesting the cancelation.  As long as the commitment period is adhered to, subscribers can unsubscribe any time for the month after next at the earliest.
Analogous rules apply to any other subscription, with only the commitment length possibly varying. Commitment length is however always clearly specified (for example: 6 months of commitment for weekly privates).

6.    Requirements and Risk of Injury

For active participation the attendee needs to be in a healthy, fit physical state. Insurance is a matter of the participant, i.e. the student. The student attends at their own risk of injury. With the booking of a course the student confirms that they know of the risks of injury when dancing and in particular when pole dancing. All movements will be guided by the instructor, but ultimately executed at the student’s own risk. It is a matter of individual responsibilty of the student to not execute a movement if there is a potential risk of injury due to their state, for example regarding their health or physical fitness at that moment.