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Hey, it’s me, Lana!

Dancing is incredibly close to my heart. My curiosity for this art is limitless. Again and again I am amazed by how many facets of dancing can be discovered and how much the practice can contribute to the personal development of an individual.

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a person with many interests. I studied physics and mathematics, have been to many sports clubs and I enjoy deep discussions about an infinite amount of different subjects – but I find nothing as enriching as teaching dance (with or without a pole). It has become my life’s task to continuously pass on my knowledge, to prepare technical dance skills safely and sustainably, to both challenge and motivate my students, to offer a place of free of judgment, and to enable connections and create a sense of community – that’s what I have been offering successfully for many years.

What is extremely important to me as a teacher is to keep training myself, to keep educating myself and to always be ready to consider new perspectives. My personal experiences as well as observations of other people have led me to the conclusion that as an expert, this is an absolute necessity – in any field – in order to be able to teach knowledge and skills professionally.

I am grateful to every person who has ever booked a course with me. I thank them for putting their trust in me. It is an absolute honor to watch my students grow. It never ceases to amaze me how much they change while also finding their own voices as they become unique (pole) dance artists.

If you want to learn from me too: I’m looking forward to getting to know you 🙂

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Rough Summary:

    • Dance experience in a variety of diffferent dance schools since over 20 years: Ballet (Vienna State Opera), Hip Hop, Commercial, Contemporary, Floorwork, Pole Dance
    • 2015 – 2019: Pole Dance Instructor for PoledanceVienna
    • Since June 2019: Full-time Self-Employed as a Pole Dance and Floorwork Instructor
    • 2020-2021: Additional work as a Fitness Coach
    • XPERT Pole Fitness Certification (certified by Jazzy K)
    • Floor Flow® Teacher Training, Instructor Upgrade (and much more) by Marlo Fisken
    • The Galen Hooks Method Alumni
    • High School Sports Certification and Fitness Coach Certification
    • Pole Dance Educations, Courses, Workshops with innumerable established Pole Instructors: Marlo Fisken, Jazzy K, Pole Fiction, Judy Gray, Estefania Jimenez, Carmine Black, Lorenza Perrone, Tracee Kafer, Kira Noire, Daria Che(botova), Sasha Meow, Alyona Amber, Daniel Rosen, Sergia Louise Anderson, Natasha Wang, Cleo the Hurricane, Yvonne Smink, Shaina Cruea, etc.
    • The Unity Dance Studio: Jazz, Technique, Contemporary
    • CLI Studio: Jazz, Contemporary
    • Countless other dance and acrobatics courses, e.g.: Shuffling, Contact Improvisation, Break Dance, Floor Acrobatics, Handstand Training

It is incredibly important to me to keep training and learning. Here is what I am currently up to in terms of my own further education:

  • Back to Roots Internship: Evidence based, holistic healthcare (incl. pain management) – 3 month long education
  • Judy Gray: Pole Dance Privates, mainly Edgework focused
  • Jazzy K: Erotique (prev. “Exotic”) Pole, Heel Tricks
  • Estefania Jimenez: Old School Pole and Edgework Privates
  • Galen Hooks: Digital Dance Classes, Lectures
  • Pole Fiction: Pole Pointework & Edgework Privates, Pole Choreos
  • Marlo Fisken: Pole Dance & Floorwork
  • Lorenza Perrone: Pole Dance, Acro Low Flow
  • CLI Studios online classes: Contemporary (Talia Favia, Chaz Buzan, Teddy Forance), Jazz (Brian Friedman, Zachary Venegas)
  • Yuri Marmerstein: Handstand Training

I take pride in putting in the work to create my own style of movement and teaching, but I did not create anything out of a vaccuum. There are countless people I have learned from and/or continue to get inspired by and I will always credit them. I believe the following individuals have had the most significant impact on me through their movement, creativity, musicality and/or their teaching technique:

  • Pole/Floorwork :
    • Marlo Fisken
    • Pole Fiction (Teresa Rodriguez)
    • Jazzy K
    • Judy Gray
    • Estefania Jimenez
    • Valentina Esposito (Violentinex)
    • Tracee Kafer
  • Dance (Off-Pole) :
    • Galen Hooks
    • Talia Favia
    • Chaz Buzan
    • Brian Friedman
    • Derrick Schrader
    • Robbie Blue
    • Alex Komulainen
  • Acro Skills :
    • Yuri Marmerstein
    • Tom Weksler

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