Privates Education Pack (4+1 FREE)

550.00 440.00


Privates Education Pack (4+1 FREE)

550.00 440.00

  • What: 5 x 90min Pole and/or Floorwork Privates designed and taught by Lana Morgana
  • Price: 58.67€/hsave 110€ aka 20% aka one whole 90min private session in this package deal to get your 7.5h+ long education (90min per class, 5 classes, suggestions on things to work on between classes)
  • Level: ALL levels (absolute Beginner up to Advanced*)
  • Content of your choice: Tricks/Combos/Choreo/Freestyle, Heels/Barefoot/Socks, Low Flow/Aerial *
  • When: Flexible scheduling
  • Where:
    1. Option: Vienna – Close to U1 subway station “Kaisermühlen” (exact adress after agreement)
    2. Option: Anywhere – Online via Zoom: incl. recordings of classes to download and keep forever!

  • Features:
  • Professional plan tailored to your needs
  • Fully individualized feedback
  • Maximally efficient progress
  • Heels optional

Only 3 spots left!



Let Lana know about your level (beginner/intermediate/advanced) and preferences (tricks/combos/choreo/freestyle, heels/barefoot/socks) and she will come up with a fully conceptualized plan for your education!

Appointments are flexible. Scheduling and level/preference discussion usually handled after purchase via email, but you are of course welcomed to write with Lana beforehand. Check out the “contact” menu of this website to get in touch via Instagram or email.

*No spinning pole; Advanced tricks only in form of low flow not aerial – unless you just want tips and feedback (Lana currently is not doing any spinning or advanced aerial herself)