Express yourself


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Pole Dance & Floorwork mit Lana Morgana
- in Wien und Online!


Lana has been a student and teacher of different sports and (pole) dance styles for decades. Her forever growing passion to explore more kinds of movements, perspectives, and art forms combined with a thirst for deeper technical and theoretical knowledge make Lana uniquely qualified to help you grow as both an athlete and an artist.

Technik, Technik, Technik

All movement classes include in depth explanations using an array of helpful cues, considering biomechanical principles, and offering re- & progressions for a safe and functioning approach for every body. Beyond that Lana also breaks down what exactly needs to be considered to execute different dance aesthetics and why.

Express Yourself

It's important to Lana that you also get the chance to explore the artistry within pole dancing / floorwork in her classes. Musicality, movement quality, authenticity, and even acting is a big part of her teachings. As Lana guides you through highly personalized feedback, you will be enabled to discover new ways of expression and grow as a unique artist.


Enjoy a safe, inclusive, as well as just fun environment! Bring all your curiosity with you as you explore and/or re-discover pole dance and floorwork. Any questions before, during or after class are highly encouraged. Lana will always do her best to make sure you feel accepted and enabled to spread your wings wide open.